Always a Carpenter


My introduction to woodworking began in a Trade School in the 1960s where my major was cabinet making.  I remember my shop teacher, Mr. Beifus, teaching us "a place for everything and everything in its place."  I've tried to follow that organizational advice throughout my career.


Most of my career was spent building software products and leading technology companies.  Building a product from nothing, building a startup company, as a CEO, or building a fine piece of furniture, the excitement and challenge is the same.  I've always considered myself a 'carpenter' by taking some raw material  (an idea, people, a company, or a pile of wood) and crafting into a finished product.  That is what drives me.

After retiring business and teaching, I returned to cabinet making in 2018 by completing a 2 year program in Furniture Making at our local college.  My desire is to keep reinventing my craft and to push my abilities produce work that is fresh and unique.  I love the challenge.

Carpenter Cutting Wood