Afternoon Light

Smaller Projects

Below is one of many box styles created.  This example is a bandsaw box featuring Maple and Mahogany sides. Size approx 4"x6"


Below is a small table with a Ginko Leaf design.  Sold: $110.

Small table ginko leaf_edited_edited.jpg

Various keepsake boxes, tea box, hand-crafted pens.  Pens typically range in price from $20 to $50 depending on style, exotic wood selection, etc. All use Cross or Parker type ballpoint refills.

boxes and pens_edited.jpg

Refinished Entry Door - Standard Alder door replaced with mahogany door and Jacobean Finish


The BBQ cart below was made from the steel bottom of a rusted out top of a CharBroil Grill.  Frame was sanded to bare metal and painted with Rustoleum. Drawers were fitted to inside frame and handle added. 


Yes, Client asked for a custom pet carrier for his electric bicycle.  Made to his small dog's dimensions with front and rear clips to secure dog's harness.  Sold: $100

Pet carrier.jpg

Cutting boards.  Many unique designs and wood choices. Prices vary depending on size, design, wood choices.

cuting boards_edited.jpg